Great Ocean Road Australia – Our route with great highlights, tips & Map

How do we start this text? Maybe with this: Australia’s Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful coastal roads we’ve ever seen. For two days we drove along the route with our camper and couldn’t get out of the amazement anymore.

You can expect long sandy beaches, huge cliffs, wild animals and gigantic viewpoints as far as the eye can see. The Great Ocean Road is rightly popular and a must-see on every trip to Australia.

Seniors traveling alone

It is a painful experience that many elderly couples have to make sooner or later: The partner dies and suddenly you are alone. Everyone copes with the time of grief differently and it lasts for different lengths of time. Depending on age and personal condition, the life forces awaken in the partner left behind at some point after all. He/she wants to be with other people, welcome the spring and feel the warm sun on his/her skin. A trip is ideal to get out of your own four walls and to gain new impressions.

Woman traveling alone © aletia2011,

Tips & tricks for the first time camper

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Time to start planning

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Tromso, Norway: travel tips for a different winter destination

How does one decide to travel in winter, a rather unpleasant season for me, to an area that lies in the direction of the North Pole, and where it is even more winter than in the local latitudes??

It’s simply a matter of questioning your own habits and preferences. And to act accordingly. Everyone can go to the Caribbean or Florida in November.

Oberallgau Tips in and around Immenstadt

Oberallgau is a place with wonderful nature, sights and fun activities. Local towns like Immenstadt are historic and a true place of culture and history – it’s not for nothing that it’s the oldest town in the Oberallgau district. All around there is a wonderful nature, first of all the big Alpsee with its various bathing and water sports possibilities. The town center is historically characterized with a lovingly maintained town castle as well as wonderfully nostalgic squares and fountains.

Throughout the year, numerous leisure activities entice you in this typical vacation region, winter sports and hiking are of course also included. A two-week vacation can be arranged without any problems, but the journey is certainly also worthwhile for a weekend break. Due to the great variety, good planning and a geographic overview are essential. So in this article, The Frequent Traveller has put together a list of the best Oberallgau tips in and around Immenstadt.