All(e)in Berlin

Have you ever felt like nobody was there? Like you woke up one day and realised you had no one beside you?


Mind you, you’re not alone. But, oh irony, alone you are. Or, have you ever felt forgotten? In a city of millions, rotten, where your voice no longer matters. Letters are what defines you, society fines you like you’d done something wrong. Strong is what you should be, but is it still legal? You’re a legal alien but something feels like failure. Others have felt it too, including Brits, quite a few. Join us and look what roads they took. We’re all in. All(e)in Berlin. By Humboldt, humbly.

Walking The History: Queer Berlin

Walking The History: Queer Berlin

Walking The History: Queer Berlin will provide participants with information about queer Berlin from the Weimar period to modern times. At the same time, its purpose
is to show the close connection between LGBTQIA+ communities in Berlin and the UK and to compare existing legislation related to topics such as LGBTQIA+ recognition
and parenthood.

The quest starts at the HU building, the next part takes place at Brandenburger Tor. Participants will then return to the HU for the final part of the quest.

A City in Words: When Women Write Letters

“Homesick we are, and always, for another And different world.” One can indeed have more than one home. With the memories of the different worlds encountered over
one’s lifetime echoing in one’s mind, even an unfamiliar city can become a safe space, just for an instant. Berlin has been a home for many foreignborn artists over the
years. Travel back in time with us to the Weimar era and walk through the streets of the city to learn why 1920s Berlin attracted many female British writers. Listen to
excerpts from the love letters of Virginia Woolf and Vita SackvilleWest, and to Alix Strachey’s ups and downs in Berlin through her correspondence with her husband.
As we read these works through our contemporary perspective, take part in unveiling some of the layers of the Berlin palimpsest to reveal its most vivacious period.

A Conversation on Identity: When Britons Meet Berliners

A Conversation on Identity: When Britons Meet Berliners

A Conversation on Identity: When Britons Meet Berliners” is a conversation exploring the experience of British people existing in a foreign environment Berlin. With
our special guests, the conversation will take a deeper look at the notion of adapting and will highlight the particularities of their experience through social, cultural and
personal perspectives. With carefully curated questions, the moderator and speakers will discuss the British presence in Berlin, and how and if their identity is challenged.
In the final parts of the conversation, the audience will be encouraged to take part in the discussion by asking their questions.


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