22 Tips for a long-haul flight to Colombia

You have reserved your trip to Colombia and it will start with your flight to Bogota. Our 22 tips for a long-haul flight will help you spend your time on the plane better.

If you are coming from Frankfurt, you may have a direct flight with Lufthansa – Frankfurt – Bogota. This will save you long waits in various airports, but you will still have a long haul flight of 12 hours ahead of you!

12 hours, that’s a lot! What do you think you can do in a 12 hour flight? I admit that 12 hours is VERY long, but I will help you get ready for this long trip. You need to know that the flight will be dominated by food and beverage service and that the “on-flight-entertainment” will definitely leave nothing to be desired.

If you are still bored, what can you do ? What will be the fastest way to make the long haul flight go by and how can you prepare for it? Follow me ..

22 tips for a long flight

Before the long-haul flight

1) Make sure you pack your carry-on luggage well. Remember to bring a travel toiletry bag, toothpaste, toothbrush, a washcloth, face and hand cream to make sure you are comfortable for sleeping.

2) For people with contact lenses, think of everything necessary to take them out and put them back in.

3) A hand sanitizer is always useful.

4) Remember to bring your own headphones to listen to the in-flight program. All airlines do not provide these for free and you may feel better with your own.

5) On that topic, remember to download podcasts or your favorite music for the trip. You will have plenty of time to listen to these.

6) If you have lowered blood pressure or problems with blood circulation, remember to put on support stockings already before the trip.

7) If you don’t tolerate flying well, have anxiety, or may not be able to sleep, check with your doctor to see if he/she can prescribe a light sleep aid.

8) Prepare comfortable clothes for your long trip in advance. It will help you sleep better.

9) Also think about neck pillows, a sleeping mask for your eyes, as well as earplugs to be able to dive into your own little “bubble” and sleep.

10) Have your documents ready for arrival: Address of the hotel so you can give it to the cab driver and a phone number. If you are going by bus, print out the plan to get to your destination.

11) Arrive at the airport early to avoid stress. Once your luggage is checked in, you can take advantage of the time to do some shopping in duty free or just sit in a cafe and watch the landing strips while having a drink.

12) When boarding, you will have two options. Either get in line quickly to be among the first on the plane (this is a good idea if you need to pack carry-on luggage in the overhead bin), or sit comfortably until boarding is almost over and thus be among the last to board the plane.

Long haul flight Latin America

During your long haul flight

13) It’s time, you’re on the plane and it’s taken off, Personally, I spend the beginning of the trip reading some of the newspapers I took at the entrance of the plane and the in-flight magazine. By the time I finish this, it is also time for the snack.

14) After that, I watch the movies that are available. This proves to be a bit more difficult than expected – which movie to take from the large selection available??

15) Watching the movies is also a way to pass the time on the plane, but of course you can also work on your laptop, read a guidebook to prepare for your adventures, or listen to a podcast you downloaded in advance.

16) Don’t forget to stand up every now and then, walk a few steps, do little stretches. You can stretch your legs in the aisle of the plane. And don’t forget to drink regularly.

17) Take your time to eat! You will have to stay with the tray on your knees anyway until it is taken from you again. So you take the time to enjoy your meal as well.

18) Try to set the time directly to your country of arrival. If you land in the evening, don’t sleep on the plane, but sleep in a comfortable bed and lying down when you arrive.

Long haul flight Europe - Lima

Upon arrival

You have survived your 12 hour long haul flight and arrive at Lima airport. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to wait… again

19) Before you get off the plane, take a look back and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Now you will be heading towards baggage claim where your bags will arrive – and be prepared! Last time I had to wait almost an hour for my suitcase to arrive. I was already afraid that he would be lost.

20) There is not much to do in the arrivals hall except talk to your fellow travelers who are all in the same position.

21) You finally got your suitcase? Take one of the cabs from a cab stand inside the venue before you go out so you don’t get hassled by taxistas. Otherwise, there is also since March 2017 a bus company Airport Express Lima that will take you directly to the neighborhoods of Miraflores.

22) Since you already have your documents ready, you just need to give the address to the cab driver and off you go!

Your trip in Colombia can begin!

A long haul flight with baby – some additional recommendations

You are traveling with a baby? Remember to pack plenty of diapers and cleaning products for your little one. You also need to think of products you will need to prepare baby bottles. And why not some toys, children’s books, which do not make noise and thus do not disturb fellow passengers.

For toddlers, take crayons and coloring books with his/her favorite Walt Disney heroes and maybe a book, playing cards and stickers.

Another idea would be car games adapted to flying like “I see something green, what is it?” Or for slightly older kids, “We write down all the red objects we see and whoever has the most wins”.

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