5 Things luxury travel should definitely offer

They think that luxury travel has been around so long that the definition of what actually is a luxury travel is pretty clear? People’s perceptions of the definition of luxury travel providers vary widely. For this reason, we thought it important to share some of what we consider to be the most important things that should be part of a luxury trip. Of course, these are not established or universally accepted standards, but it will be difficult to offer a hotel room or villa as luxurious if this is not the case.

1 A uniquely stylish bar

There are thousands of bars around the world, but have you ever been to a bar with tasteful architecture and sophisticated styling?? A luxury hotel or villa should not only have a bar, but also one with an opulent ambiance that distinguishes it from ordinary bars. It should be inviting and a place where you would love to spend an entire day.

Comfortable seating, fancy cocktail menus and knowledgeable bartenders are essential. If you are staying at the hotel or vacation villa for a week or two, you are probably not visiting the bar every day. However, a stylish bar means that the few times you spend there will also be memorable.

2 Extensively equipped gym

If you spend a lot of time sipping the best cocktails and enjoying high-calorie exotic cuisine, then you should definitely also make sure that there is a treadmill and other fitness equipment nearby if you want to burn off those extra calories.

Not every gym is created equal. To distinguish itself from the average gym, it must be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It is certainly a plus if the hotel also has a pool and a spa area. Luxury villa rentals may not always offer a gym on the premises, but it’s sufficient if you can conveniently reach one within a few minutes’ walk of your place of residence.

3 Expert concierge

We often evaluate destinations based on their aesthetics and available amenities. However, your experience is likely to depend much more on the people you interact with during your stay than the beauty that surrounds you. The presence of a knowledgeable concierge is crucial in this case.

Staying in a luxury villa is not exactly cheap. So it’s only natural that you have access to all the insider tips on the spot. If you’re strolling around the neighborhood or exploring local attractions, someone who knows the best places to go could certainly come in handy. If you ask which are the best luxury bars in the city, the concierge should not only tell you which one it is, but also take care of a reservation for you.

4 Dignified dining

After spending the day exploring the city or burning dozens of calories in the gym, you’ll look forward to a delicious meal. Of course you can always do it outside. However, it’s comforting to know that the place you’re staying at has an impressive menu for those times when you don’t want to leave the comfort of the premises. The luxury restaurant is all about delicious, enticing, refined and exotic cuisine with a stylish but unpretentious atmosphere that perfectly complements the meals.

5 Exquisite linens

No matter how much fun you have on vacation, you inevitably spend several hours in bed every day, snoozing or just sleeping. While the quality of the bed itself is important, average hotels usually have this figured out as well. What sets the beds of luxury accommodations apart from the usual locations is often the quality of the beds.

The linens and bedding must be top notch. Some of the best hotels and luxury villas offer guests the opportunity to choose the type of pillows and bedding they prefer. Whether you want to choose the hypoallergenic or the super soft, it should create an environment that makes your sleeping hours heavenly bliss.

This fact is crucial for luxury accommodations, but there’s much more to it than that. If you need anything else for your vacation, talk to your travel agent and you’ll have a good chance of finding a place that offers exactly what you need.

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