5 tips for more competitiveness in the labor market

These are undoubtedly tough times for job seekers. But before you give up hope, we want to let you in on a little secret: It only takes a few specific items on your resume to make you stand out from the crowd. We tell you how to become more competitive in the job market and catch the eye of any employer with your resume. Read on and you are guaranteed to be invited to the interview for your dream job right away!

1. Become multilingual

In our globalized world, it’s easier than ever to talk to someone on the other side of the world or hop on the next plane and travel halfway around the globe. It’s hardly surprising that foreign languages are a huge plus in this ultra-connected environment.

Many modern offices are in daily contact with companies all over the world. While universal English does have its advantages, additional foreign languages can make all the difference when it comes to finding a job. Get noticed with Asian languages, Arabic or Spanish, for example. And if you have your eye on a specific company, find out which language is most in demand there.

2. Do an internship abroad

For newcomers and graduates, the search for a first job is usually difficult, because they have no practical experience. Why not overcome your fears and improve your language and professional skills during an internship abroad??

Professional internships are an excellent way to take the first step into the working world. While they often don’t pay at all, or pay poorly, they undoubtedly pay off on your resume. And an internship abroad often goes down particularly well with employers!

In addition, internships often give you access to prestigious companies, and once you’ve proven your skills, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to a permanent position.

3. Gain life experience and cultural knowledge during your year abroad

No one should miss the chance to do a year abroad at some point in their life. The benefits you can get from this are many: travel, gain life experience, meet people from all over the world and develop professionally and personally.

The best way to fit a year abroad into your life plan is usually after graduating from high school or university. But if you are considering a job change, there is the option of a sabbatical, for example. It is never too late! Recruiters are eager to hear all about your year abroad (assuming you weren’t just partying), because it shows maturity and interest in other cultures. So pack your bags and let’s go!

4. Get involved for a good cause

Another thing that will make your resume shine is volunteering. You demonstrate empathy, selflessness and initiative – traits highly valued by companies – and a willingness to stand up for your beliefs.

More and more companies are also focusing on social responsibility. So maybe your volunteer work will get you your next job!

5. Let your hobby speak for you

Knowing how to sell yourself also increases your competitiveness on the job market. It is up to you to show your best side and convince the recruiters or potential employers that you are the perfect choice for the position to be filled. But what do you do if there are a hundred other candidates besides yourself??

In this case you have to make sure that you will be remembered. What makes you special? How are you different from the others? All things being equal, an employer is most likely to remember those who surf in their spare time, play in a band, or have their own cake decorating blog.

Keep in mind that employers are not only looking for the best candidate, but also for someone they want to work with day in and day out. Show off your great personality through your special hobbies and hidden talents!

So if your resume still has a few too many gaps, follow our tips and keep your eyes open for an internship or volunteer abroad. Or even do a year abroad and increase your competitiveness on the job market!

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