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Working and living with a host family in the land of unlimited opportunities. For many, a trip to the United States of America is a dream come true. The big trip across the “pond” to the USA should be well organized, so that a carefree stay is guaranteed.

What are my tasks and what can I expect in the host family??

First and foremost you take care of the children of the host family. Making breakfast, taking the children to and from school and helping with homework are just a few of the tasks you will have to do as an au pair. Light housework often completes your tasks. In return, you will be provided with accommodation in your own room by the host parents for your work and you will receive meals free of charge.

Important requirements at a glance. This is what you should know

– The age limit for au pairs in the USA is between 18 and 26 years of age
– You need a valid passport
– You need for the entry a sog. J1 visa
– You have to prove that you have sufficient financial means
– Knowledge of the English language should also be present.
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Comparison calculator for travel health insurance USA

Notes on use: The comparison calculator is an offer of “RSWW Versicherungsmakler” and includes a limited selection of insurers and contracts. Companies participating in the comparison: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung, ERGO Reiseversicherung, Care Concept, Berlin Direkt Versicherung, Wurzburger Versicherungs- AG (TravelSecure). To the terms and conditions.

TIP – Special au pair insurance YOUNG TRAVEL of HanseMerkur for trips to the USA !

Special travel insurance for au pairs in the USA. The au pair insurance of HanseMerkur covers 100% of the costs for medical treatment in case of illness in the USA. Good to know: No deductible in the important foreign health insurance.

YOUNG TRAVEL travel insurance is easy to combine individually. The basic or professional health insurance can easily be extended with travel accident, travel liability, emergency and luggage insurance (optional additional packages Basic and Professional)!) can be added.

Benefits of au pair insurance u.a. In case of a new host family, the travel insurance simply remains valid upon application to the insurer (keyword: change of host family). Damages in the host family’s household are covered by the travel liability insurance (additional package) up to 2.500 EUR insured.

  • HanseMerkur travel insurance
  • Young Travel travel insurance, insurance conditions additional package property insurance (basic and professional rate), , , .

TARIFCHECK: Continue to the insurer HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung:

Should I organize my au pair stay abroad myself or let an agency do it for me??

For the USA as a travel destination, only agencies are allowed to arrange au pairs d.h. no need to search for a suitable host family and location yourself.

How can I recognize a serious au pair agency??

About the “Verein Gutegemeinschaft Au Pair e.V.”You can check if the agency you have chosen is listed here or here. is characterized. The purpose of this quality association is to guarantee the quality of au pair agencies and their services.a. Regarding. to evaluate the placement and support and, if all tested characteristics are fulfilled, to provide them with an appropriate seal of approval.

The conditions for the J1 visa for entry into the USA

In order to get the J1 visa (J1 Exchange Visitor Visa) you need to have a.a. proof of travel health insurance is required. A useful addition would be a travel accident and travel liability insurance or the conclusion of a complete protection package.

RSWW offers you a comparison calculator for the right and sensible au pair travel protection. Major travel insurers as well as specialized providers can be found here with their products and services. You decide yourself which product combination you need for your trip. You can also decide during your search if you want to pay an excess in case of damage or not. If you want to travel without any risk, it is best to choose the more expensive insurance plan without deductible. Click here for a free price comparison.

How long am I allowed to stay in the USA with my visa??

Au pairs can live and work with host families for up to 12 months. Important note: If you work in the USA without a visa, you are in the country illegally.

Where do I get the visa, what are the requirements??

The independent information portal for working holidays “job”, provides helpful tips and further information on this subject. Here you can find out about the main requirements and the necessary documents for the J1 visa. Here you get important information and further links for the application of the visa.

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