Starting a career abroad

Those who want a career must have worked abroad at least once. Is that really so? The fact is that globalization has opened many doors for us inside and outside Europe. And it doesn't hurt to get a breath of fresh air. The idea of getting to know something new, far away from family and friends, appeals to many young graduates. There are many possibilities to work abroad- a popular one is to start a career. But what is the best way to proceed?

Credit card comparison: Find and compare the best credit cards

With our interactive credit card comparison you will find the perfect credit card with the best conditions in a few moments!

How does the credit card comparison work?

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can find the credit card or debit card that best suits you and your needs. In our credit card calculator there are the following parameters:

New York Visa

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to New York?? To see a performance on the famous Broadway, to stroll through the Central Park and to visit the New York Times Square for once? Yes? Sooner or later you will have to ask yourself about the visa requirement.

Apply for ESTA now in a few minutes:

Riding a scooter in Thailand without a driver’s license?

Riding a scooter in Thailand means pure freedom and allows you to flexibly arrange your round trip through Thailand and explore places you would never have visited otherwise. Before you rent a scooter in Thailand, however, keep in mind that riding a scooter in Thailand without a driver’s license is a criminal offense!

In this article we will give you all the information you need to rent scooters in Thailand, ride scooters safely and legally in Thailand and answer the question if you should ride scooters in Thailand without a license and what international driver’s license you need in Thailand.