Duisburg North Landscape Park – industrial culture on a grand scale

Here in the Ruhr area, you can find a piece of industrial culture in every corner. Today I would like to introduce you to an industrial monument that is practically in my neighborhood. My absolute favorite place in the whole Ruhr area. The old Duisburg North Landscape Park, also known as LaPaDu or LaPaNo, attracts more than a million visitors each year.

Admittedly, Duisburg and the district of Duisburg Meiderich, st not the hottest patch but is home to the landscape park a real treasure. Recreation, adventure and culture meet here. At every corner there is something to discover and it is guaranteed not boring! So let yourself fall and be enveloped by the park's rough yet hearty charm. The way to the Ruhr area is worth a trip.

The Duisburg North Landscape Park at a glance:

  • Address: Emscherstraße 71 Visitor Center, 47137 Duisburg, Germany
  • Opening hours: All year round, open 24 hours
  • In the dark: lighting
  • Parking: At the main entrance Emscherstraße
  • The entrance is free

What exactly is the Duisburg North Landscape Park??

The park is located in the heart of the Ruhr region. It extends over 180 hectares and offers both recreation in green surroundings and varied industrial scenery. In the center of the park is a disused steel mill dating from 1901. Until 1985, pig iron was produced here for the surrounding Thyssen steel mills.

The park was saved from demolition at the last moment by committed citizens. It is also part of the Route of Industrial Culture. In the summer there is also a fantastic open air cinema here on the route, but it is always sold out very quickly.

Duisburg North Landscape Park Green Spaces Duisburg North Landscape Park Halls Landscape Park Duisburg North old steel mill

What makes the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord special?

Duisburg North Landscape Park consists of many components worth seeing. The blast furnace 5 offers the possibility to enjoy a panorama of the landscape park on a viewing platform. At that time, ores were smelted here with additives to produce pig iron. The blast furnace is open around the clock, the sunset is especially spectacular. In case of rain, snow or slippery conditions, it is closed for safety reasons.

Duisburg North Landscape Park Rails

The park attracts visitors especially at night or in the evening, because a light installation by Jonathan Park makes the landscape park shine in a colorful light. By the way, this is unique in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The atmosphere thus experiences a complete change and corners that do not seem so spectacular in daylight are now impressive. To explore the landscape park Duisburg North in all its glory, I recommend in any case to wait for the sunset. You will not regret it!

Landscape Park Duisburg North

In the midst of the industrial backdrop, the Ingenhammshof is located on the park's outdoor grounds. This teaching farm was the only farm that did not have to make way for industry, as it was an important supplier for the iron and steel works. Today, many endangered breeds of farm animals live here, such as Bentheimer sheep and pigs. Donkeys, horses, geese or even bee colonies can also be found here. For children it is particularly interesting here and also adults can learn here still some things.

Nature conquers everything back

In the Duisburg North Landscape Park, industrial culture mixes with green spaces. Contrary to some claims, the landscape park is a presentable example that the Ruhr area is not so dull and colorless. Green spaces and gardens blend into the unique architecture of the landscape park.

Duisburg North Landscape Park Sunset

Whether wild gardens, herb beds, orchards or rock gardens, there is definitely no lack of variety here. In general, everything here is very green. Wherever you look, you will always see little things that you would not expect to find here. And who should say that the Ruhr area is not green?.

Nature has reclaimed its terrain at the water points and the old railroad line would probably already be overgrown without human influence. In spring, numerous bird species breed here, even the song of the rare nightingale has been heard here.

A signposted hiking trail informs about the history of the park, but also outside the path you will be fed with information again and again. Interesting: Due to the ore delivery from all over the world, seeds came to Duisburg, which were not native here. Colorful blossoms and lush greenery now characterize the landscape park.

In summer it is worthwhile to take a packed picnic basket with you. There are many hidden corners on the site. In the gardens of the bunker pockets or at the small jetties on the river behind the blast furnace, you can always find a nice shady place to relax. Here, completely undisturbed and in peace, it picnics much better.

Duisburg North Landscape Park View Duisburg North Landscape Park Industry

Special features of Duisburg North Landscape Park

The park is an Eldorado for sports enthusiasts. Whether diving in the gasometer, skating or mountain biking. The climbing garden (operated by the German Alpine Club) and high rope course invites adventurous people. But the landscape park also impresses with its family friendliness, playgrounds and tube slides as well as a water playground offer fun for the whole family.

Duisburg North Landscape Park

In summer, the summer cinema is held here in the casting hall, with room for up to 1000 people. Photo workshops are held here all year round, as the unique backdrop is a popular photo motif. Which is probably mainly due to the diversity and the impressive architecture.

Several times a month, guided tours of the smelters are offered, where you can delve even deeper into the industrial scenery. All in all, the Landschaftspark offers a wide range of events, if you want to learn more, take a look at the.

If you have the time, just start strolling around. The area is huge and there is something new and interesting to discover at every corner. A must is definitely the climb to the viewing platform of the blast furnace 5. Otherwise, just let yourself drift.

Landscape Park Duisburg North black and white Duisburg North Landscape Park Rails

Behind closed doors in the Duisburg North Landscape Park

There are many ways to explore the park: on foot, by bike or on a guided tour. Guided tours take place here all year round and are also always well attended. One that I can especially recommend to you is the “Behind Closed Doors” tour. Here you get to see in 2 hours what is otherwise hidden from view.

The tour leads into rooms that are not accessible to the public. Including the power station, the blower hall, the diving gasometer and much more. It is impressive what is hidden behind the doors. There is enough time to discover the details and get a lot of interesting information about the rooms.

Landscape Park Duisburg NorthDuisburg North Landscape Park HallLandscape Park Duisburg NorthLandscape Park Duisburg North Power StationLandscape park Duisburg North

If there is something you must have seen in the Ruhr area, it is the Landscape Park. The Ruhrpott has many facets, which are all reflected here. No matter if summer or winter the landscape park is always worth it. In winter it has a very special charm especially when there is snow.

You should bring time with you in any case, because the area is huge and invites here and there to linger comfortably. If you want to learn more about industrial culture in the Ruhr area, take a look here.

Do you have any questions about the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord?

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