Film Q&A

On the 11th of June, to mark the launch of the website, the students of the Centre for British Studies organised an online film projection and Q&A session with figurative painter and film maker Barbara Loftus.

  • Guests: Barbara Loftus and Dr. Barbara Wünnenberg
  • Moderator: Hasti Shahri
  • Host: Anisia Petcu, M.A.

Barbara Loftus’ work explores her family’s history through the memories of her German mother, who was born into a Jewish family, having been the only member of the family who managed to escape Germany during National Socialism.The theme of Barbara Loftus’ current work is the convergence of personal memory and major historical events. Her mother Hildegard’s long-held silence, only broken in 1995, unlocked a door into the spirit of a ruined Europe, recounting personal experiences of growing up as a Jew in Germany during the inter-war period.

To find out more about Barbara Loftus and her work, please visit the website. If you wish to request access to the film, please go to this page.