Favorite dessert: The 8 best and most extraordinary desserts in the world

There are things that you take with you from your travels. Be it mental, material or simply a little experience. But what we all bring with us is the understanding of foreign cuisines. People always eat, and sometimes they lose their heart to a very special dish, in this case to their absolute favorite dessert.

This one remains so much in the head that one remembers it gladly also in the everyday life again. Many travel bloggers feel the same way.

So I asked some culinary travel bloggers about their favorite dessert. The result is a colorful mixture which will be published in 3 parts in the next weeks.

Favorite desserts from around the world World

  1. Sacher cake from Austria
  2. Bavarian cream from Germany
  3. Profiteroles from Italy
  4. Kouign amann from France
  5. Mousse au chocolat from France
  6. Pastel de Nata from Portugal
  7. Pahlava from Azerbaijan
  8. Medus from Latvia

1. Sachertorte from Austria

There is hardly anyone who has never heard of the Sacher Torte. And that it comes from Austria, pretty much everyone knows too. At least in our latitudes. No wonder, since it comes from a country where the coffee break in the afternoon – or even in the morning – is part of everyday life, as it is in our neighboring country. Austrian coffeehouse culture is legendary.

We recommend everyone who visits the country to try this out as well. Nowhere is it more fun to meet friends than sitting comfortably together in a coffee house with a cup of melange and a piece of cake.

Another specialty from Austrian kitchens are the pastries. Already in former times one did not want to withhold these from state guests. This is how the Sacher cake was created. Its inventor was in the service of Prince Metternich. This one wanted to present a special dessert to his guests. Because his chef was sick that day, the task fell to apprentice Franz Sacher. That its name should become world-famous once, this did not suspect at that time.

It should also still take a few decades until it was so far. Only after a lot of back and forth the chocolate cake with jam filling became the world famous Sacher cake. If you're interested in the history (and recipe) of Sachertorte, check out our blog:

For us, in any case, a visit to the coffee house with a Sachertorte belongs to almost every visit to Austria. What could be better than sitting comfortably on a café terrace and enjoying the mountain and lake landscapes of Austria with a piece of chocolate cake?

This is TravelWorldOnline Traveller's favorite dessert:

Monika and Petar Fuchs have been traveling the world since 2001 in search of regional delights. What they discover on the way they publish u.a. in their enjoyment , on other online publications and in travel magazines.

Sacher cake from Austria favorite dessert

2. Bavarian cream from Germany

Although I really have a sweet tooth and it never took me long to convince myself of ice cream in Italy, sticky rice with mango in Thailand, churros con chocolate in Spain or the best pâtisserie in France: My favorite dessert comes from my home country. Well, not quite. Actually, it is not known where the “Bayrisch Creme” really comes from.

But it doesn't matter, because I just love them, especially when served with fresh strawberry puree. Bavarian cream reminds a bit of Italian panna cotta – but in my opinion it is much lighter and a perfect dessert for summer. You can find the recipe here:

This is Leben à la carte's favorite dessert:

Caro writes about her travels and life as a globetrotter with an insatiable wanderlust. After living in Paris for six months, it was clear that she didn't want to live permanently in Germany anymore. Conveniently, her husband Simon also felt like a change – the two are currently planning a world trip together.

Bavarian cream from Germany favorite dessert

3. Profiteroles from Italy

I live 15 kilometers from the Italian border in Carinthia's Gail Valley, one of the southernmost valleys in Austria. My Gailtal on tour blog is all about leisure activities in Carinthia, travel, short trips and convertible tours in the Alpe-Adria region. Due to the proximity, we Carinthians often go to Italy for dinner, especially in the neighboring region Friuli.

Everyone can say what they like: but in Bella Italia, coffee, pasta, pizza and Aperol Spritz simply taste better. No idea how the Italians do it. In almost every restaurant you can also find the famous profiteroles. In the showcases of Italian eateries or cafés they smile at you, nicely arranged in casseroles.

This classic Italian dessert consists of sugarless cream puffs (österr. Choux pastry doughnuts) filled with mocha cream and is topped with a thick layer of dark or white chocolate sauce. Served the little calorie bombs then also with whipped cream and a decoration of dark chocolate sauce.

In addition the Italian enjoys then after the meal a Caffè (black), Ristretto (small and strong) or Macchiato (small with a blob of milk), never however a Cappuccino or Caffè Latte. In Italy you drink it only in the morning for breakfast. If you enjoy it in the afternoon, you are immediately outed as a tourist. Cappuccino in the afternoon is an absolute no-go with the Italians.

This is the favorite dessert of Gailtal on Tour:

Anita is in her mid-30s and a true Gailtaler. She likes Carinthia, nature, summer, sun, books, good food, home cooking, traveling, photography and cats. And because she likes to share beautiful things she writes on her about it.

Profiteroles from Italy favorite dessert

4. Kouign amann from Brittany in France

Culinary gourmets who have passed through Brittany on their travels may well know him. It can be a dessert after a course meal, but it also exists on the street. A small round pancake surrounded by a honey-colored shiny mass. A butter cake – the Kouign amann is available everywhere in Brittany, at bakeries and pâtisseries, at markets and festivals. You only have to follow the scent of butter and caramel.

I ate my first Kouign amann in the medieval setting of the small town of Rochefort en Terre, in Morbihan. At that time quite freshly directly from the baker over the counter into the hand. Hmm that was delicious! After that I kept coming across the kouign amann and somehow it became my favorite dessert.

In the Breton language kouign means cake and amann means butter. Simply put, it is a coarse puff pastry made with salty butter and lots of sugar. Baking creates a fine caramel crust with a little salty taste.

The idea came in the 19. The nineteenth century when there was a flour shortage. The bakers took without further ado as much butter and sugar as the flour could just bind. This is how a dessert was born in the port town of Douarnenez in Finistère, which can now be enjoyed far beyond the borders of Brittany.

The Kouign amann is now even available in supermarkets, shelf-stable wrapped. But it tastes best when it is fresh and still warm.

This is Brittany Travel Fever's favorite dessert:

Since a few years Ben lives in Brittany. Here he can pursue his passion for nature and photography and discover little treats like the Kouign amann. Through the many short trips through the Brittany peninsula he got the idea for his Brittany Travel Fever Blog. In it he shares all his experiences and tips he makes on the spot over the year.

Kouign amann from Brittany favorite dessert

5. Mousse au Chocolat from France

In France there are so many delicious desserts, you often can not decide when you have to choose between croissants, eclaires and macarons. But my favorite dessert from there is Mousse au Chocolat. This is made from dark chocolate, eggs, sugar and cream.

Even on my trips to France as a child, I always had to have chocolate mousse for dessert. Since I now live and travel vegan, I usually only enjoy this creamy sin at home, because France is unfortunately not a very vegan-friendly country.

For the vegan chocolate mousse, I simply leave out the eggs and use vegan cream and chocolate. When I'm in France, I also get extra dessert chocolate at the supermarket. It is particularly suitable for chocolate mousse or for baking.

This is Mosaiksteine's favorite dessert:

Melanie is a little chocoholic and blogs about vegan travel and recipes from all over the world.

Mousse au Chocolat from France Favorite dessert

6. Pastel de Nata from Portugal

Traveling around the world is a privilege. We are thankful every time again that we can travel the world with our son Paul and soon with him and his little brother. It leaves countless priceless impressions. Be it Paul's wobbly steps on a meadow in front of the Sydney Opera House or his first helicopter flight over Mount Aspiring National Park in New Zealand.

Sometimes, however, it is also things far away from sights and childish developmental steps.Such a highlight can sometimes be found in the culture and cuisine of a region. That's what happened on our first trip to Portugal, for example. At a coffee in the September sun of Portugal, we ordered 'Pastel de Nata' quite unprejudiced and ignorant. Until this point, we only knew that it is considered the Portuguese dessert par excellence, but not what to expect in detail.

Anyway, the first bite made it clear: no matter what it is, we need more! Paul also took a bite and agreed with us: that was good! Today we know that pastel de nata are not only incredibly delicious, but also easy to make. Basically, all you need is some puff pastry, which is pressed into molds and then filled with vanilla pudding. After this mixture has baked a little, the surface is caramelized with brown sugar. Simple and unbeatable good.

David and his wife Eva write on their blog about traveling with a child to the ends of the earth. Recently traveled to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand for four months. Child two is on the way and the planning for the next world trip is in full swing.

7. Pahlava from Azerbaijan

Hospitality is very important in Azerbaijan, in this respect Azerbaijanis are real orientals. If you are visiting a family here, you will definitely have a meal (or several meals) every day!) invited. Azerbaijani cuisine is made up of Turkish, Georgian and Iranian elements and is insanely diverse.

Thus, Azerbaijani cuisine, like almost all cuisines in the Middle East and Central Asia, knows a variety of sweet desserts, which are also strongly influenced by the neighboring countries. This includes e.g. Azerbaijani pahlava, which is modeled after Turkish baklava. For those who don't know baklava (or pahlava), this dessert is a variety of sugary dough layers garnished with almonds or pistachios.

This very popular and quite heavy dessert is accompanied by the Azerbaijani national drink, black tea, which is usually sweetened with jam. I was always stuffed by the time dessert came around, but of course I couldn't refuse it! Pahlava is very elaborate and time-consuming to prepare and, thanks to the preserving sugar, lasts for weeks. By the way, here you can find a nice recipe to bake:

This is the favorite dessert of Esther's Travel Guide:

Esther is a student, book author and travel addict. She loves the Orient, places off the typical tourist trail and traditional food.

In their you will find all the useful tips for your next trip: How much money do you need? Are there any cultural specialties? Which season is best?

Pahlava from Azerbaijan Favorite dessert

8. Medus from Latvia

I am one of those people who first look for the desserts on the menu. Depending on what is offered there, I choose my main course. There is a really awesome chocolate cake? Well then I will definitely order this one and keep the main course smaller in case of doubt.

So I don't need to explain that I am always happy like a little kid to try the typical desserts of the country when I am abroad. Whether Moshi Moshi in Japan, Baklava in Turkey or classics like the Italian Tiramisu. If it tastes good, then I try to cook it at home – or bake it.

If it succeeds and tastes like you're on vacation, then the recipe has earned a place in my cookbook. Most recently, a Latvian dessert ended up in the cookbook: the layered one . The first time I ate it was at the very cool Café Rocket Beans in Riga and I was blown away.

So great I found the mixture of honey cake and mascarpone cream. This is sweet, but not as terribly sweet as, for example, baklava. Perfect for a relaxed stop between sightseeing in the pretty old town of Riga or for a cozy Sunday at home. If you want to recreate it, the recipe is on my blog.

This is PASSENGER X's favorite dessert:

Nicole is the founder of , the blog, for all those who enjoy the “here and now” and at the same time always long for the “somewhere else”. It offers you damn good travel tips, whether it's a city break or a road trip, happy to take you to exotic destinations like Greenland. Besides, she always brings you the best recipes from her travels.


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