Maximum luggage, maximum vacation joy – So the most fits into the suitcase

Vacations should relieve stress. But especially before the start of a vacation, the stress level rises for a few hours. With these three tips, you can fit more in your suitcase even for longer vacation trips – and keep the stress out of it.

Tip One: Make a vacation list before packing your suitcase

A vacation list includes all luggage from the smallest nail clipper to the largest piece of clothing. It is just as useful for single travelers as for a family of three or five. Because by writing down a good organization is created. Many things that were supposed to be in the suitcase are already proving to be dispensable. In fact, the vacation list already saves the first centimeters. Some things on the list still have to be bought, loaded or exchanged.

Because there are so many little things to consider, it is advisable to draw up a vacation list immediately after booking the trip or deciding on the destination. In the course of the next few weeks, vacationers will remember many things that may have been forgotten at the first attempt. The best place to stick the unfinished list is on the refrigerator or bulletin board. Here, a new detail can be added or dispensable items can be crossed off completely without preparation stress. At the latest two days before the journey the vacation list should be complete.

Tip two: pack clothes without wrinkles in the suitcase

Now comes the hard part: how to get clothes from A to B without creasing them? This problem can be solved well with the stacking trick. The travel clothes are placed half openly on top of each other in the suitcase. It is best to put the most delicate laundry at the bottom and the less wrinkled laundry at the top. One half of the clothing remains outside. When everything is stacked according to the vacation list, the overhanging part of shirts, blouses, sweaters and pants is carefully folded over the other half, again piece by piece, from top to bottom.

Now tension is created, which keeps each piece wrinkle-free during the trip. Basically wrinkle-free suitcase packing is already successful with it. So that no ironing is necessary at the vacation destination, the garments should be unfolded here in reverse order. Now they hang best on a hanger to stay smooth for sure.

Tip Three: Box, roll, fill gaps

Roll clothes? Underwear and small items of clothing can be left out of the wrinkle-free method for the time being. If the main part is in the suitcase, gaps on all sides can be filled well with rolled clothes. By the way, rolling also prevents wrinkles well. Now the indispensable, but space-consuming utensils are stowed away. Belts fit perfectly into shirt collars.

Travel socks can disappear in the “bulky” suitcase with shoes without taking up extra space. Who works off its vacation list from large to small, fills with all shown methods all gaps of its suitcases perfectly. But be careful: For certain types of travel there are maximum weights allowed per suitcase. Better still a second hand luggage or a backpack comes along for all cases.


If you need a vacation to relieve stress, you shouldn’t add to it by preparing for your trip. By some tricks at least the suitcase packing can be done space-saving and crease-free. A vacation list can be created for this purpose a while before you start packing.

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