Packing suitcases – tips

Before any trip, there is planning and it can be really exhausting. Especially the packing of the suitcase proves to be a real challenge. It jams and presses at all corners and in the worst case the suitcase can not even be closed.

Apart from that, too many pieces of luggage can cause a moment of shock at the airport at the latest. Namely, if you unexpectedly have to pay for excess baggage.

What you should consider when packing your suitcase and how you should best proceed, you will learn in this article.

Planning ahead makes packing easier


You should pack the suitcase in time and not just before departure. Hereby you avoid stress and keep the overview at the same time. Moreover, accurate planning will help you focus on the essential pieces of luggage, because you won’t just throw everything into the suitcase out of time constraints for fear of forgetting something.

Ideally, you should make a checklist a few weeks before the trip with all the important things that you want to take with you on vacation.

You can then gradually gather the things and check off your checklist.

Consider in advance as well, what temperatures prevail at the vacation destination and pack the things suitable for this weather in sufficient quantities.

Collect, sort and reduce

Before you start packing the suitcase, you should get an overview of the clothes, shoes and utensils you want to take with you. This will prevent your suitcase from filling up with too many things that you don’t really need. You will also avoid having to repack several times.

It is best to collect all the clothes you want to take with you on vacation in one place until everything is gathered.

After that, you should sift through everything and sort out the things you don’t absolutely need. Often, when you go through your suitcase a second time, you realize that you don’t need one thing or another and save valuable space in your suitcase. It is also a phenomenon that we often pack much more clothing for vacation than we would wear if we stayed at home during that time.

Hairdryer or towels are available in most hotels and therefore you do not need to take them with you.

If you like to read, you can pack an e-reader instead of various books, because it takes up much less space.

Roll, fold, stuff, but do it right

There are very effective ways to pack the suitcase so that as much as possible can be stowed in a small space.

  • Start with large items of clothing
    Due to their mass, the large items of clothing take up more space. They should therefore be packed first in the suitcase.
  • Use all gaps wisely
    If there are gaps between the large items of clothing, you should not waste this space, but fill it wisely. For example, it is advisable to put socks or underwear in the small niches in the suitcase.
  • Shoes also provide storage space
    If you like to wear different pairs of shoes on vacation, they will take up a considerable amount of space in the suitcase. However, you can also use the inside of the shoes to store socks and underwear or small utensils.
  • Put the clothes in a vacuum bag
    This method is extremely effective and space-saving. They place the clothing items in a vacuum bag and seal it with a vacuum sealer. This will remove all the air from the spaces between the items, thus reducing the amount of space required.
    However, we give to consider that by using such bags you will unnecessarily produce a lot of waste. In addition, you will not be able to use the vacuum cleaner on your return trip, so you may have difficulty putting all your clothes back in your suitcase or travel bag.
  • Rolling saves space and prevents wrinkles
    Have you ever tried rolling your clothes instead of folding them? This has the advantage that you can make better use of the storage space in the suitcase. In addition, you will prevent the clothing from wrinkling.
    When you stack shirts and blouses, they will be compressed, so you will see obvious wrinkles. Roll them, on the other hand, the pressure can not cause any wrinkles.
    If you prefer to stack clothes that are prone to wrinkles in the suitcase in the conventional way, you can line them with cardboard. This will not prevent wrinkles, but it will reduce them.

Observe the correct order

Remember to put all heavy clothing and shoes downstairs. This will make the transport of the suitcase easier. You will also prevent the heavy items from pressing on the lighter items underneath, potentially causing chaos in the suitcase.

Protect fragile items

If you’re carrying luggage that could break or crush, be sure to give it extra protection. It is best to pack them in a small cardboard box or provide adequate padding around these items.

Perfume bottles and other cosmetic items, which may be. leak and stain the clothing, should always be stored in a toiletry bag.

You can also save space by taking trial sizes with you on your travels. Shampoo, shower gel and body lotion are available in small sizes at any drugstore, so you don’t waste space unnecessarily as you do when taking large bottles with you.

When children pack a suitcase: this is what you should consider

The dear little ones like to pack their own suitcases. However, you should keep an eye on this to make sure that the things that are needed end up in the suitcase.

In addition, with clear communication, you can prevent the children from taking an unnecessary number of toys with them on their travels. Make it clear from the start that, for example, only two toys are permitted.

It is best to pack the suitcase together with your children, and in good time, to avoid arguments and stress.

If you have small children, don’t forget to pack their favorite cuddly toy or pillow for the night.

All important documents belong in your hand luggage


If you are going on a trip, you should sort your wallet in advance and take out all cards that you do not need. This greatly reduces the risk of account looting and stress if your valuables are stolen.

You should also always carry all important travel documents and medications in your carry-on luggage.

Losing a suitcase while traveling happens almost every day. However, you should always have your hand luggage with you, so that all medications and all important documents are always at hand. This is particularly important in emergency situations.

Shuffle the suitcases

Another problem when a suitcase goes missing and may not reappear until days or weeks later is that most couples or families pack an extra suitcase for everyone.

However, it is smarter to divide each person’s paraphernalia among the different suitcases. If one of the suitcases gets lost, everyone will still have plenty of clothes.

Tricks for more freshness in your suitcase

The stuffy suitcase can make the laundry smell unpleasant. To prevent this, there is a simple trick: sprinkle a paper handkerchief with a little perfume and place it between your clothes. How to keep it fresh for a long time.

Which suitcase is the right one?

Different suitcases

In addition to hard-shell cases, which provide extra protection for the luggage inside, there are also soft-shell cases. These are considered very flexible. You can also use travel bags or backpacks.

Which model you choose is ultimately up to your personal taste and also depends on the type of trip you want to take. If you want to hitchhike or plan to do a lot of excursions during your vacation, it may be worthwhile to have a large backpack. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, suitcases or travel bags prove to be a better alternative, as you can keep things much more organized in them.

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