Starting a career abroad

Those who want a career must have worked abroad at least once. Is that really so? The fact is that globalization has opened many doors for us inside and outside Europe. And it doesn't hurt to get a breath of fresh air. The idea of getting to know something new, far away from family and friends, appeals to many young graduates. There are many possibilities to work abroad- a popular one is to start a career. But what is the best way to proceed?

Review: United Club Lounge Mexico City

The international airport in Mexico City, a megalopolis with a population of 20 million, has no official name, but is colloquially named after the statesman Benito Juárez. 300 destinations around the globe are served from there. It's hardly surprising, then, that a number of lounges are also available to passengers here for relaxation. Our author Christian Euler has taken a look at the United Club Lounge Mexico City.

United Club Lounge Mexico City

14 tips for traveling with your partner for the first time

So you’ve finally decided to take a trip with your boyfriend. Traveling with your boyfriend for the first time is both a daunting and exciting experience. For most couples, it’s the first time they spend 24 hours or more together without getting involved.

At first glance, it sounds like the perfect recipe for romance: seeing wonderful places with the one you love, trying new things and enjoying them, eating exotic and sumptuous food from another place.

Group vacation in Italy – having fun together!

Large and small groups are guaranteed to find the right destination in Italy. Culture-packed cities like Rome, Florence or Venice for joint sightseeing with colleagues can be on the agenda, as well as winter sports with club members. Or unwind with your friends on the most beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast or the Italian Riviera. For activities in the shimmering turquoise waters, Sicily and Sardinia are ideal. And with wine tastings, Tuscany, Puglia or Lombardy entice you. Hikes lead through picturesque countryside or up volcanoes. The country’s lakes also welcome group travelers. Here are the best tips.

  • Cinque Terre
  • Elba
  • Wine tour in Tuscany
  • Venice
  • Climbing volcanoes
  • Rome
  • Diving in Sardinia
  • Water sports in Sicily
  • Active on the Upper Italian Lakes
  • Skiing

Cinque Terre

Soaking up Italy’s dolce vita together – where better than along the 12km stretch of coastline known as Cinque Terre. The five colorful villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia and Riomaggiore nestle picturesquely on the cliffs of Liguria and are rightly protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Stroll together through the charming old towns, savoring the moment over espresso and cappuccino while your gaze wanders over the sea where small fishing boats bob.

Thailand – Destination Experts Victoria, Chris & Liam

We are a small family (Victoria, Chris and Liam) living mostly in Thailand and we write about it on our blog Nesting Nomads. 11 years ago, Chris and I were the 1. We have been to Thailand for the first time and after we got over the initial culture shock, the country just wouldn't let us go.

That's how we ended up returning almost every year and staying longer and longer at a time. The north of Thailand has become our home in the meantime. When our son was born, we were a little nervous about how he would handle our Thailand love. Fortunately, he got infected by our enthusiasm and then also removed our last doubts. Since 4 years we live now 6-9 months per year in Thailand.

Duisburg North Landscape Park – industrial culture on a grand scale

Here in the Ruhr area, you can find a piece of industrial culture in every corner. Today I would like to introduce you to an industrial monument that is practically in my neighborhood. My absolute favorite place in the whole Ruhr area. The old Duisburg North Landscape Park, also known as LaPaDu or LaPaNo, attracts more than a million visitors each year.

Admittedly, Duisburg and the district of Duisburg Meiderich, st not the hottest patch but is home to the landscape park a real treasure. Recreation, adventure and culture meet here. At every corner there is something to discover and it is guaranteed not boring! So let yourself fall and be enveloped by the park's rough yet hearty charm. The way to the Ruhr area is worth a trip.

Australia Road Trip: The Best Tips

Once backpacking through Australia? Only those who have experienced this know the feeling of true freedom. The wide roads, the enchanting sunsets and the permanent summer feeling – that’s what makes the road trip through Australia so popular. A few things have to be done before departure, so that at the end there is no disaster, but a really good trip.

Organize and go – this is how it really works

Anticipation is known to be the best joy, so when planning the trip, the desire for the trip is already raging in the belly. Organizational talent is needed, because for the stay in Australia you need a visa. This is conveniently applied for at the Australian embassy and can also be done online. It is also important to have a health insurance for abroad, because if it comes to a medical emergency, that is important.