Paris Guide

Whether you’re a first-timer or you visit Paris annually, there will always be something new to explore. This was my first trip to Paris and my friend’s seventh so we did a mix of new restaurants and some of her staples. The magic of Paris is not over planning your itinerary and allowing room for long cafe lunches or a walk through the park. Trust me when I say to allow plenty of extra cushion time between meals — our average lunch lasted about two hours!

Many travelers add on another destination in Europe averaging about 3-4 nights in the City of Light. I recommend 5+ days in Paris because of the slower nature of how the city moves, making only 1-2 activities a day feasible. For a big trip like this I love booking a professional photography session with Pix Around You. It’s such a fun way to see a new city plus you get a unique souvenir to take home! My clients receive a special rate when booking through me and they have a network of amazing photographers all over the world.

Horizon Zero Dawn tips and tricks

Open-world robot dinosaur hunting – what’s not to like about Horizon Zero Dawn? The PS4 exclusive blew us away during our test – especially on the PS4 Pro, where 4K HDR visuals or one of the most beautiful games of all time comes into play.

But these heavy metal beasts are a bit to beat. Want to stay one step ahead of the robot rex pack before tackling Horizon Zero Dawn? Read on for our insider tips and tricks for PlayStation’s latest must-play game.

5 Things luxury travel should definitely offer

They think that luxury travel has been around so long that the definition of what actually is a luxury travel is pretty clear? People’s perceptions of the definition of luxury travel providers vary widely. For this reason, we thought it important to share some of what we consider to be the most important things that should be part of a luxury trip. Of course, these are not established or universally accepted standards, but it will be difficult to offer a hotel room or villa as luxurious if this is not the case.

Spirit of The Outback: Adventure Route Brisbane – Longreach

The Spirit of the Outback runs twice a week between Brisbane and Longreach. From the capital of Queensland to the isolated town there are 1.325 kilometers. To cover this, the long distance train needs a little over 24 hours. The Spirit of the Outback trip is interesting for everyone who wants to leave the typical tourist paths and explore an authentic region in the outback. While the first part of the route from Brisbane to Rockhampton runs along the coast, the second section is characterized by a trip into the western interior. The train itself is very well equipped and provides its guests with a high level of comfort as well as a really exciting adventure.

Timetable& Route

Spirit of the Outback - Route

Stockholm: wow, old swede!


When you step up to a ticket counter in Germany, you politely say “Guten Tag”. Or you dare a casual “hello”. In Stockholm, on the other hand, you are greeted with a cheerful “Hej”!“ greeted and illuminated as if you had won the lottery. As a German, you have to make a bit of an effort to understand the “Hej”!“ to be able to give back just as cheerfully. We Germans are simply not used to so much joie de vivre.