Review: United Club Lounge Mexico City

The international airport in Mexico City, a megalopolis with a population of 20 million, has no official name, but is colloquially named after the statesman Benito Juárez. 300 destinations around the globe are served from there. It's hardly surprising, then, that a number of lounges are also available to passengers here for relaxation. Our author Christian Euler has taken a look at the United Club Lounge Mexico City.

United Club Lounge Mexico City

Appearance: well-behaved and conservative

Rating: 3.0 points

The United Club Lounge Mexico City as a partner lounge of the Star Alliance is located in Terminal 1, Concourse H on the upper floor. The reception area is presented in dark wood, the distinguished and professional staff address the guests by their names. The lounge, which seats less than 100 people, has only one room, where you can relax in armchairs and round tables with chairs.

Positive: the seats by the window offer a clear view of the planes. Overall, the United Club Lounge seems too plain and unadorned, especially in contrast to the business lounges of other airlines. Weak: The selection of newspapers can almost be counted on one hand, there are no magazines at all.

United Club Lounge Mexico City

The culinary arts: limited selection

Rating: 2.0 points

You should not arrive hungry at the United Lounge Mexico City, the selection of food is tiny: small snacks, sandwiches, crackers, vegetable sticks, nachos with guacamole and cookies of moderate quality. It's hard to understand why some United frequent flyers characterize the selection as significantly better than in the U.S.

United Club Lounge Mexico City

At least when it comes to drinks, you don't have to starve, even if the selection is much larger on other airlines: In addition to the usual non-alcoholic beverages, there is a red and white wine each, various beers (four Mexican brands as well as Budweiser), whiskey, gin& Co. A coffee machine is available for caffeine needs. Self-service is the motto for food and drinks.

United Club Lounge Mexico City

United Club Lounge Mexico City

Work and relax in the United Club Lounge Mexico City

Business travelers will find plenty of desks separated from neighbors by high wooden side walls and a printer. Even if the interior seems unadorned and a bit dusty, the Internet connection works perfectly in the United Lounge Mexico City. There are no rest rooms for stressed business travelers. If you want to relax, you have to make do with one of the comparatively narrowly positioned chairs in the midst of the other guests.

Overall verdict: United Club Lounge Mexico City

Rating: 2,5 points

The United Club Lounge Mexico City leaves something to be desired in many respects. The food offer is particularly deficient. Business travelers flying with one of the airlines of the Star Alliance fleet should not expect too much. Despite the cramped seating, at least a little relaxation is possible. Those who bring work with them can get it done without prying eyes from the person next to them. The lounge is open to OnePass Platinum, Gold Elite and Star Alliance Gold cardholders, as well as business and leisure travelers. First Class ticket. Even the former soccer star and current manager of the German national soccer team, Oliver Bierhoff, used the United Club Lounge for a chat with his coworker.

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