Starting a career abroad

Those who want a career must have worked abroad at least once. Is that really so? The fact is that globalization has opened many doors for us inside and outside Europe. And it doesn't hurt to get a breath of fresh air. The idea of getting to know something new, far away from family and friends, appeals to many young graduates. There are many possibilities to work abroad- a popular one is to start a career. But what is the best way to proceed?

Wanderlust calls

Many students decide to stay in the new country after a stay abroad of several months. They will not only get used to their new living environment, but fall in love with the new country. Other inexperienced students are now taking the courageous step and trying to start their careers abroad. Especially those who have already gained experience abroad via internship or studies are longing for a new adventure again. The wanderlust makes them look for their first professional job abroad after graduation.

Plan B Abroad

It is not uncommon to receive a few rejections after graduation. Especially graduates who have difficulties finding a job can consider the alternative of 'starting their career abroad' uberlegen. With high competition in the labor market in Germany, it pays to get out of your comfort zone and travel to work
Getting to know the situation abroad.

German graduates are popular

Graduates from Germany have very good chances of finding a job abroad, as a German degree is highly recognized worldwide. Popular among students in Europe are for example the metropolises London, Zurich or Barcelona. Outside Europe, other students are drawn to the USA or Australia.

Increasing demands on the job market

The demands of German companies are getting higher and higher. Graduates need more than just good grades these days. You need to speak several languages, have already gained practical experience during your studies and have had a stay abroad for several months. So why not work abroad? Young professionals in particular have many job opportunities abroad. By starting their careers abroad, they also get to know a different everyday working life and thus prove that they are open to new things.

German companies abroad

Many German companies are represented worldwide. Therefore, students can apply to German companies. An alternative would be, for example, a trainee position. Here they can gain different experiences in the international offices of the company.

Advantages of starting a career abroad

  1. Language: Which language students will learn depends on the country, of course. They will not only improve theirBusiness English, but for example learn Spanish, if they move to Spain or Mandarin if they prefer China.
  2. Culture: Internationality and openness to new things are also important in professional life. Abroad, young graduates learn first-hand what it's like to get along with different people, so that they can later apply this to their everyday working lives in Germany.
  3. Qualifications: Even a year of experience abroad adds spice to a resume. You get better career opportunities and thus gain an advantage over other competitors.
  4. Network: By starting a career abroad, students will build up a new network- professionally as well as privately. Gaining new friends and business contacts will improve career prospects in the future.

Perfect application

  1. Documents: the first step is the resume and references. When applying for a job abroad, the documents must be translated into English. It is also important here, in brevity lies the spice. Your resume should not be longer than 2 pages.
  2. Adaptation: Each country has different ideas about a professional application. In some countries application photos are common, in others not. Therefore, it is important to find out in advance which application is good and which is bad in the country of your choice.
  3. Europe: Within Europe there is a general template which is very helpful. The Europapass curriculum vitae shows on the Internet how a correct application within Europe has to look like.

Perfect preparation

Once you have found your dream job, the first thing to do is to find out what the working conditions in the country are like. What is the salary like? Is it easy to find accommodation? And how quickly to get a visa?

  1. Work visa: Without a visa, your dream of a job abroad will not come true. Therefore, it is important to look in advance when and how to apply for the visa.
  2. Accommodation: finding accommodation abroad can be a challenge. The rents are overpriced or the apartment is too small. Shared apartments are an alternative. Here's how to meet new people and save on rent in the process.
  3. Organization: A good organization is the A&O. And this doesn't just mean booking flights and packing, but also breaking down all the existing contracts in Germany. Students who do not want to lose their apartment in Germany for security reasons can sublet it.
  4. Language: Even if English is the international language, it would be an advantage to speak the language of the target country. Those applying to work in Portugal should have at least a basic knowledge of the language.

The trend to work abroad is on the rise. Building a new life can become an exciting challenge. You increase career opportunities and learn about a newworld of work that improves social skills. With timely preparation, students not only discovered a new world, but furthered their development. Thus, a career start abroad rounds out a resume.

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