Stuttgart Region & Kirchheim unter Teck: Dreamlike half-timbered town

At the first step into the historic city center of Kirchheim unter Teck, I am astonished. In front of me are half-timbered houses like in a picture book.

This picture book scenery catches me up again and again during my walk through the town. It is too beautiful here! In Kirchheim, I venture to lofty heights and climb the town hall tower, with its green dome, which smiled at me as I entered the old town, get to know the local art of brewing and visit a restaurant where I try my hand at genuine Swabian apple fritters.

Discover Kirchheim unter Teck – half-timbered town and pioneering spirit

Kirchheim unter teck old town

Kirchheim has many names. On the one hand, the town southeast of Stuttgart is also called the aviation town. The gliding enthusiasm here in the tranquil town has a long tradition. Long before the 2. World war was flown here. The most famous glider builder Schempp-Hirth is based in Kirchheim and is also known beyond the city limits all over the world.

Half-timbered town is what Kirchheim is also called. Not to be overlooked are the beautiful half-timbered houses that stand in rows in the historic old town.

Kirchheim unter Teck earned the title market town early on. Various markets took place around the town center. These marketplaces are still present today, with a flourishing gastronomy.

Tour of the picturesque town of Kirchheim unter Teck

Kirchheim unter teck old town

During a city tour through Kirchheim unter Teck I got to know the delightful town better. With the local and very passionate town guide Peter Schleger, I enter the Gothic St. Martin’s Church and marvel at the magnificent nave. For a city with almost 40.000 inhabitants this is already considerable.

The further way leads through the alleys of the historic old town over the old city wall to the city center. We stop again and again and marvel at the multi-layered architecture.

The last stop of the city tour leads me up high. We climb the tower of the town hall which guarantees a perfect panoramic view over the city. This tower is not open to the public, but can only be climbed in conjunction with a tour.

Particularly unusual is the moon phase clock, which is embedded in the old half-timbered facade of the town hall. You don’t see something like this every day.

In good weather you can see all the way to Stuttgart airport. In the view on the photo you can see the city center of the Teckstadt and the Swabian Alb in the background.

More information, everything worth knowing and many tips about Kirchheim unter Teck can be found here on the official homepage of the town:

Cooking with beer at the Stadthotel Waldhorn

Kirchheim unter teck old townKirchheim unter teck Old Town

With beer you can also cook excellently. I quickly realize this during a little cooking excursion in downtown Kirchheim. We prepare a small afternoon snack after tasting the beer served here.

The Augustinerbrau is not from the region, but the light and drinkable Edelstoff Export is the perfect basis for a popular Swabian dessert: apple cakes. The dough consists only of flour, egg, sugar, salt and the beer. In this the apple is simply baked.

The Stadthotel Waldhorn has a fresh, seasonal and regional gastronomy, which is perfectly complemented with one of my favorite dishes: the Neapolitan pizza.

Delicious& creative beer from Kirchheim

Kirchheim unter teck Old Town

The beers of the have it in itself. For these bear such sonorous and witty names as riot, revolt or mutiny. The youthful free spirit and the pioneer thinking one notices one of the founders, Marc Schmidt, also immediately.

He proudly explains his beers to me and the concept behind them. Brewed in the year ca. 350 hectoliters of beer. Different varieties with different hop varieties. What makes the Aufruhr special is that it is not filtered and pasteurized, but pure and natural. It has a fresh taste with floral and grassy aromas.

The idea behind the Micro Brewery was born a few years ago. Together with co-founder Felix, Marc has implemented and expanded his idea. Over the year, the two of them produce so ca. 12 different varieties brewed.

By the way, the guys would not sell their beer as craft beer. They do not want to hide their beer behind off flavors and thus create clear lines.

Brewing with friends – in the Stiftsscheuer

Kirchheim unter teck Old Town

This is the traditional restaurant when it comes to a cultivated glass of beer in Kirchheim. The oldest and first pub brewery in Kirchheim is still brewing today. The owner Michael Attinger attaches great importance to quality and authentic beer enjoyment. So also with his dishes that go perfectly with the beer.

The copper brew kettle is located in the guest room, it radiates rustic and coziness. By the way, you can also brew your own beer here in the Stiftscheurer, because the owner rents out the kettle during the times when he is not producing beer.

Discover Kirchheim unter Teck – What are your tips?

Have you ever been to Kirchheim? Or can you recommend something else? I look forward to your comments!

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