The 11 most beautiful yoga festivals in the USA


You're spending your next summer vacation in California – or you've been dreaming for a long time of getting to know not only the land of unlimited possibilities, but also the yoga scene there? Yoga festivals in the U.S. are a wonderful way to combine your love of travel and your passion for yoga! Whether on the East or West Coast, by the ocean or in the middle of nowhere, the choice of yoga festivals in the United States is vast.

From New York and Boston to San Francisco and Monterey, from Austin and San Antonio to New Orleans and Memphis, the USA has been one of my favorite travel destinations for years. The incredible variety of unique landscapes, breathtaking cities and different climates make every visit a real experience. Sometimes on the coast, sometimes in the subtropical southern states – the possibilities for discovering, experiencing, walking and hiking are endless.


The 11 most beautiful yoga festivals in the USA

1. San Diego Yoga Festival


The SDYF is the largest yoga festival in the city and is held directly on Imperial Beach! The festival is aimed at all yogis and yoga enthusiasts who want to practice yoga together on the beach for three days and let the California sun shine on their heads. The highlight of the festival is (as with almost all festivals) Saturday and Sunday, when the entire beach is then from early morning until sunset in the sign of yoga, music, meditation, Reiki treatments, massage and sound healing. Especially great: There are yoga classes for dog owners offered. This is, as the festival operators would say, so properly namastoked!


2. Nantucket Yoga Festival

Just south of Cape Cod and east of Martha's Vineyard lies the pretty island of Nantucket in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. For three days in July, yoga teachers, wellness experts and artists come together for a weekend of yoga classes and workshops during the annual Nantucket Yoga Festival. There is also a huge market with beautiful homemade goods, where you can browse through jewelry, clothing and grooming products. Massages and wellness treatments are also offered!


3. Telluride Yoga Festival


In the middle of nowhere and virtually surrounded by national parks lies the small town of Telluride. Every June, the local high school's downtown campus hosts the four-day Telluride Yoga Festival. For four days, everything revolves around yoga, meditation, music, SUP yoga and workshops. Also hiking tours are offered – which are worthwhile! The clear mountain air in the heights of Colorado and the unique panorama all around make every walk a little experience.



4. Southern Utah Yoga Festival


WO? Sand Hollow Resort | UTAH

The Southern Utah Yoga Festival features yoga classes, meditation, sound healing classes, lectures and lots of music for a long weekend against the beautiful backdrop of Utah. Over 15 yoga teachers on average come together for the festival, which offers a manageable yet wonderful mix of classes and workshops.

5. OM Fest Las Vegas

In the middle of Las Vegas, the largest yoga and meditation festival OM FEST – Yoga and Meditation takes place in April. The festival is a real all-rounder and offers various workshops and yoga classes as well as classes in mindful meditation, yogic breathing and Ecstatic Dance. The festival's own OM Shanti Market is especially beautiful, with local artists and artisans selling homemade goods. Here, after or before your yoga class, you can relax and browse through natural products, food, clothing, jewelry, accessories or decorative items.


6. Downtown Yoga Festival


For those who are not only looking forward to lots of yoga during a festival, but also want to indulge in culinary delights, the Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, may be just the ticket! The various yoga classes, workshops and seminars are open to all levels and ages, whether in the fresh air or in one of the many participating yoga studios. Afterwards, you can participate in cooking classes or enjoy Ayurvedic-fresh, mostly vegetarian and vegan delicacies at one of the food booths.

WHERE? Salt Lake City | UTAH

7. Dirty South Yoga Fest



Distinguished in the truest sense of the word: Dirty South Yoga Fest has already been named Best of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine and has been in existence for seven years now. The festival is a yoga event by and for the whole community – besides yoga there is also music, art, booths and of course lots of fresh food to go. Almost more of a street festival than a yoga festival, but definitely worth a visit!

8. Mammoth Yoga Festival


Definitely one of the most beautiful locations for a yoga festival in the U.S! The Mammoth Yoga Festival takes place every September for three days in the idyllic California town of the same name. Amidst the woods and framed by Mammoth Lakes, the focus for four days is on health and wellness with yoga classes for all levels. There's also plenty of live music, arts and crafts, speakers and presenters from the yoga and fitness fields, the most delicious food and lots more.


9. OM Rising

om rising yoga festival

Also at home in California's beautiful nature is OM Rising , held at Camp Navarro in Mendocino County – a festival completely surrounded by redwoods! In the middle of the quiet forest you can not only attend yoga and meditation classes, but also workshops around bodywork (e.g. TCM, acupuncture, crystal therapy, dance therapy, Thai Yoga massages, …) or visit concerts and live shows. The yoga festival has only been around since 2019 and was canceled in its second year due to the Corona crisis, but organizers are already planning hard for the next edition of the family-friendly event. If you want to participate, you should be quick – there are only about 800 tickets available!



10. The Yoga Expo Los Angeles


You are only in Los Angeles for a short time? Then Yoga Expo Los Angeles might be just the event for you! In just one day, the California yoga community and yoga enthusiasts from around the world come together here at the Pasadena Convention Center to practice yoga, browse the countless yoga gear and yoga accessory booths, or enjoy the vegan food and just soak up the festival vibe. There's a huge range of options, from classes for beginners, for professional yogis, for kids and seniors, to sound healing and various meditation options from intro sessions to advanced.


11. New York State Yogafest


Letchworth State Park, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful national parks in the US for me, hosts the annual New York State Yoga Festival. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the East” for its canyons, waterfalls and hiking trails, this park is a perfect backdrop for a day of yoga, meditation and music. Of course, the yoga meets hiking courses are also great in front of the spectacular backdrop, where you hike and stop every now and then to give your body a good yoga workout.


From the east to the west coast – yoga festivals in the USA

Practice yoga all over the world and not just at home – so for your next trip to the USA, strap on your yoga mat and discover the great and diverse yoga festivals in New York State, Colorado, Utah or California!

Have YOU ever been to a yoga festival in the USA?? Where and why did you like it most there? Feel free to leave me a comment, I'm super happy to receive great tips!!

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