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Jess from US Love in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden has exciting start-ups (link) and today’s interview with Jessica is about the “Perfect Match”. The topic of partnership is always topical and a good and reputable online dating agency can help!

Dear Jessica, glad it worked out with a meeting. You have been running a dating agency for a long time, quite recently you have expanded your service and also launched a new website (update: due to Corona the business had to be discontinued)

In search of the “perfect match

By popular demand, we have developed a brand new, unique combination of traditional dating (I call it classic “offline matching”) and the now common “online matching”.

My traditional office folders with member profiles are now digitally displayed in the agency’s online club, which is only accessible to verified members. This has many advantages while still maintaining personal support from an agency.

My target group at the beginning were singles in Wiesbaden with interest in American-German matchmaking. Because of my service with US Army Europe, many Americans have asked me over the years if I had a nice single friend who would like to meet an American. And as a Wiesbadener, I was often asked if I could make contact with a Single-American.

Serious dating agency in Wiesbaden

From the beginning it was important to me that the members are REAL and not FAKES. Therefore I have always met members either in person or via video-whatsapp/facetime etc. spoken in a short “welcome call. In my opinion, a video call is the only way to make sure that no fake profiles or so-called romance scammers register. Since the feedback on the combination of personal video verification of members and online presentation of profiles was and is very well received, the platform has now also opened up to singles who are not or not necessarily interested in American German matchmaking, but simply appreciate a platform with really REAL members and have no desire (anymore) to fake profiles and scammers, as is unfortunately common in many dating platforms.

Let’s face it, it’s ultimately a waste of time to find out after days or weeks of chatting that you’re communicating with a fake. So the target group is now all singles who only want to meet real and honest club members and also find the personal contact with the agency good.

What is special about your kind of matchmaking, how much does it cost and what are the advantages compared to the others on the market?

As a classic dating agency, members can access all profiles in the online club themselves, so the pre-selection is no longer done by me, because I have noticed that a lot of matching potential was lost as a result. For example, the man who actually only liked women with long blond hair is now married to a short-haired brunette, because he met her at one of my events and thought she was great. In the classic matching he would not have been introduced to them based on his information. Well, that’s how it is with love and this is only one example of many.

In short: you can see the club members in the online version of the agency and decide for yourself who you find interesting. At the same time you can always ask me for my impression of the member.

For the verification of the profile, i.e. the video welcome call, I charge a fee of 89 Euro, now with less VAT 86,76 Euro. Included is a 3 month membership, which expires automatically, so without subscription trap, and then can be extended for a fee.

I see the advantages in the combination of a classic partner agency with personal contact and support and the online version of the agency.

Personal service and video verification

The main focus is as a unique selling point on the personal video verification of members to keep fakes and scammers safely away from the platform. Because I deal with every new profile personally, I can also screen inappropriate content in texts and photos well. If members wish support with the profile creation or optimization or also with the English language – the information is mostly given in English from our origins – then I am also personally there for the member. A membership ends automatically, therefore there are no file corpses, which run along for years.

What do you have to do to be referred by you?. to get access to the profiles?

It’s very simple: you sign up on the club page by filling out the registration form and uploading a few recent photos. As soon as I receive the registration, I contact you personally and send you the invoice for the profile verification. Once the payment is received, an appointment is made with the member to make the video call. It takes only 5 min and does not hurt at all. Whether a member is walking the dog, cooking or watering the flowers is not important for us, the main thing is that the member remembers it as “good and easy”. After the verification I give the member the verified status and the profile is activated for the club access. In the club, you can send someone whose profile you like a sog. send a matching request with a few nice lines. The counterpart can then either accept with a reply text, then the club system automatically exchanges the stored phone numbers and you can get to know each other better in the video chat, on the phone or of course by meeting in person. Or the other person rejects the matching request with a few words, then no phone numbers are exchanged.

What security I have, not that my employer or colleagues suddenly stumble across my profile. Besides, there is a lot of abuse in dating agencies, how do you prevent that??

The club itself is only accessible for verified members, d.h. just because you have registered for the club, you do not automatically get access, because it is only through the activation by the agency. If you are not verified, you will not get in. Whether your boss is also a member of us and you evtl. in the club, I can of course not foresee. The profiles are not visible from the outside and there is no connection between a person and the club. By the way, I don’t need a full name for the profile, because members only see nicknames or a first name of each other. I can prevent abuse in the sense that we check each member beforehand for authenticity via the said video call. If a completely different person appears in the call than in the profile photos, then something is wrong. But this has never happened before, because the scammers and fakes can see that they have to get video-verified and therefore know that they have no chance whatsoever to get into the club. Unfortunately, they often continue to make trouble on the anonymous platforms.

Do you already have success rates to report??

Yes, in any case, there are some couples who are now firmly engaged or even married – very sweet . I’ll have to ask more if the matched couples will let me publish their photos and stories so I can tell other members about them, as testimonials so to speak 🙂

Say, do you experience more requests in times of Corona?

Honestly: unfortunately no. I can feel that many singles for various reasons are rather reluctant to want to make new contacts and friendships.

Do you offer this service also for lesbian, gay, divers?

Yes, absolutely, and I would be super happy if I could mediate more. Lesbians, gay, diverse – please dare and contact me!

What other offers and activities do you have to offer??

Another service that is offered NEW at US Love Wiesbaden is the so-called. “Scam Research”. The net and many online dating platforms are full of fake profiles and the so-called romance scammers, in the past they were called marriage scammers. These are scammers who steal photos of real US military on the internet, e.g. from Fakebook, steal and abuse them, usually organize themselves from Africa and pose very professionally and psychologically trained as US military on deployment/peacekeeping mission or as US government employees on top secret mission. And ultimately pull the money out of unsuspecting women’s pockets with hair-raising stories, or not infrequently blackmail the women when, with time and growing intimacy, I say “more revealing” photos have been exchanged, etc. I have already been contacted by dozens of women, who unfortunately have all bitterly fallen for a fake profile and often lost a lot of money because they believed them.

With Internet acquaintances should be extremely careful and skeptical!! Of course, there are also women who steal identities and take a lot of money from men with false stories and promises. Our service records the recording and research of the alleged names, locations and stories as well as photos of the acquaintance. The results of the research are then communicated to the customer and unfortunately the result is often devastating and disappointing, because it is frighteningly often with the highest probability a fake. This usually hurts the customers very deeply in their feelings and their trust, but I think, better an end with horror than a horror without end, because the customer then at least has certainty whether the acquaintance is real or fake.

Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, trust is good, but advice from a professional like you is always better. I will definitely recommend you to my single friends and girlfriends.

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